Oddbods Soccer Challenge

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Oddbods Soccer Challenge is a soccer game that will test your skills! Shoot the ball into the net while making sure not to disturb the characters around you.

Description of Oddbods Soccer Challenge

In Oddbods Soccer Challenge, you'll experience a unique gameplay twist. Instead of controlling characters to score goals, you will be the one taking the shots. It's up to you to adjust the force and direction of each shot, aiming to score while collecting all 3 stars for an extra challenge.

How to play Oddbods Soccer Challenge

To control the game, simply hold and drag the mouse back to aim your shot. Once you've set your target, release the mouse to kick the ball towards your desired destination. The game features delightful and cute friends who are busy with different activities, such as exercising, cleaning, and taking selfies. Be careful not to bother them, as it may result in losing the game or even the ball.