Panda Legend

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About Panda Legend

The game Panda Legend combines a wide variety of gameplay styles, including those of an adventure game, a role-playing game, and a match-3 game, among others. You have to help the Panda, who is now in a fantasy world, overcome all kinds of obstacles and dangers, especially powerful creatures that want to eat him because pandas seem to be a treat for them, and you want it to live, right?

Become the Panda Legend right now on the Internet!

Every time you fight, you have to go up against other pandas or maybe other types of beings. The only way to beat them is to completely deplete their health bar, which you do by attacking them more than they can attack you, since they will try the same thing.

To charge up your attacks and skills, use the mouse to match three of the same icons from below the two fighters. Each icon has a different function, so you can get more energy, health, protection, attacks, and even special powers.

If you win, your level goes up, which means you can fight bigger enemies. You should also use the coins you get as a prize to improve your inventory and skills. Become the best and strongest panda, a hero, if you will, and tell your friends to come play this game with you. You might even run into each other!


Panda Legend was created by Yizhiyuan Network Technology.

Release Date

April 5, 2023

Features gameplay

  • Panda Legend is a cold-weapons-dominated open world!
  • Defeat adversaries with dazzling unique skills you can initiate with a button!
  • Find your fighting style in pandemonium!
  • Traveling builds character!
  • 25 skill attribute points, 30 powerful skills, and 16 weapon styles await you here.
  • You get stronger as you defeat foes!
  • Make your characters battle!


Use the mouse