Paper Flight

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About Paper Flight

Paper Flight is a game about a virtual paper plane. It is activated to fly in many different vast spaces. Victory depends on your pilot level.

Think of it simply as a paper airplane. In space gravity doesn't matter. Your mood should be relaxed while driving it. Don't stress too much about challenges. You can play again whenever you fall down. The body of the paper plane is very small, so it can slip through any narrow area. Always pay attention to your height.

The factors affecting the flight

Flying skills

The game does not require too much of the actual knowledge of a real pilot. Your only job is to grasp the situation. When your plane is falling too low and may hit an obstacle, click to let it fly. And vice versa, when you hold the mouse, the plane will fly to a high altitude and may hit the obstacle above, you should release the mouse to avoid them.


Each level will have sparkling gold rings. Don't miss that or touch or fly through it. The more rings you collect, the more opportunities you will have to upgrade your plane with the latest and most advanced models.


  • Click to fly up
  • Hold the mouse to keep the plane flying
  • Release the mouse to let the plane fall