Parkour Simulator Game

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About Parkour Simulator Game

If you like dangerous sports, this is a great game for you. Parkour Simulator Game is a game where you can try to do everything that Parkour sport is about. Come play our game if you want to feel very strong emotions.

The playing rules

The 3D parkour game lets you run as fast as you can and do any trick you want. The more challenges you face, the better you can get at the tricks you already know. Set a goal for this sport that you should always beat. The rules are simple: use all the tricks and moves you know from parkour and try them out in the game. During the 100 levels, you'll pick up keys and coins that you can use to improve your gear and do anything else you need to do this sport.

Exceed your goals and get better and better. The best sports game gives you the chance to learn new tricks or get better at the ones you already know. Come try our game, and we're sure you'll like it.

Have fun!


Playing can be done with a mouse and a keyboard.