Penguin Diner

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About Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is the business game of a penguin girl in a faraway Antarctic country. Managing well the chain of 3 cafes is your task in this game.

Due to being too playful, Penny has lost her way and is stuck in the cold Antarctic region. She doesn't know how to get back to her family. She is really confused. She has come up with an option which is to work as a waitress in a few cafes and will accumulate enough money to be able to go home.

Penny's work

Work hard

There will be a series of tutorials given so you can understand more about how to play the Penguin Diner game:

  • Choose the right seats: Customers will line up to wait for you to seat them. Move the waiting bird to the table by clicking the mouse
  • Take their orde: A customer will say " hello" once he/she is ready to order. click on the customer or table we take their order.
  • Sever customer(S): When the order is ready food appears in the food area! Select the dish (Penny can carry two at a time), then click on the customer or table to serve them.
  • Collet penny's money: Once the customer is done, click the table to pick up cash and clear the table. Now the table is clean and ready for the next customer.

Look closely at the instructions and follow them, you will become more proficient in the game rules

Levels of the game

Penny will serve the Hilltop cafe area first, then will go to 2 ice rink cafes, iceberg cafe respectively. There are different levels in each bar. Having completed all the work of a waiter at these 3 cafes, Pennny can go home. Now you have succeeded. Congratulation!


Use your mouse and control Penny to slide on her professional snowshoes to serve our penguin customers faster