Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds

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About Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds

Pilot Royale: Battlegrounds is an air combat game. Battles will take place on a variety of complex terrains from tall buildings to snowy forests, and campsites...

Many types of aircraft with strong destructive power: missiles, planes, UFOs, spaceships, ... will be used. Master every situation and terrain to master your important positions in this vast sky.

The battle to destroy the enemy begins


Before going to war, you can choose and upgrade in the "Shop". Including planes, missiles and characters with just one view of the ad you will immediately have the kind of upgrades you want and the price of gold is nothing for you. Many of their functions will be expanded such as increasing combat percentage, speed, shortening distance, increasing gold coins, creating protective shields, ..... If you like all of them, play work once. turn on and on at the same time. All in favor of your battle. We will then identify our fighter and character and return to the main screen.

Fight in the games

Fight in the air with different air forces. You will fight with many players from many different countries. Each battle will take place within 1 minute 15 s. Time is extremely precious. The number of planes destroyed will depend on it and the flexibility of your hands. Point the mouse at the enemy and create a fixed target. No matter how far away the enemy is, you can still destroy it. Bullets can be fired from various directions around you. After shooting down the enemy plane, you will be rewarded with gold coins.

The win rate we tested was pretty high and too easy. So I believe you can also become a professional pilot. Find inspiration from games to make every day more fun!


Working with the mouse is extremely easy.