Pixel Sphere 3D

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About Pixel Sphere 3D

Pixel Sphere 3D is a game in which you can rotate square blocks to form pixel images. Levels in the game are not difficult, so complete them quickly.

A game genre is suitable for all ages. Young children can also win over these tiny pixelated images. If you have never been exposed to these genre games, don't worry too much. There will be detailed instructions for you in the early levels of the game.

Instructions for playing Pixel Sphere 3D

Method of rotating blocks

Pixel images are broken down into countless small squares. We simply rotate all these blocks at once. Don't get dizzy every time you rotate too much. If you can observe carefully and delicately, you will be able to quickly see the image when rotated. These squares should be rotated in a direction close to each other. If the color squares have discrete dimensions further and further away, your pixelated image will be more and more difficult to perfect.

So the only method is let's rotate it very slowly so that we can figure out what the pixels we are rotating are the images. If you cannot shape, you will fall into a state of hustle and bustle, leading to undesirable results.

Pixel images in the game

Pixel Sphere 3D is a rich and varied collection of images. Includes images such as animals, fruits, objects... If you want to play the next level, you must play the unlocked levels and get stars in each level to unlock the next level. Or the optimal and fastest method is to watch ads for a few seconds to receive gold coins and open the images with gold coins. But these nahr pictures are extremely limited and not many. So trying to play all levels from beginning to end is still the best choice


Please control the mouse to complete the 3D pixel images in the game