Plants Vs Zombies

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About Plants Vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is a war between zombies and plants. Was famous many years ago. It attracts a lot of fans from gamers. Will you also be next?

The game became famous and attractive because of its top-notch graphics. Most players acknowledge this. The zombies continuously attack the center of the brain. The plants were angry. They rebelled fiercely against it. Hoping to win and drive them all out.

Game details

Rules in Plants Vs Zombies

In the game, the sun's rays will be used as the main source of consumption. Without light, our plants will not be able to appear and fight off the enemy. Each sun ray will be equivalent to 25 points. When the sun's rays fall from above, quickly pick it up. If you don't pick it up, it will disappear and you won't get any points. Buy the first plants and start the battle.

Plant system

Each plant created consumes a different number of sun points:

  • Sunflower (50 suns): the ability to create the sun, and heal quickly, but will not be able to attack.
  • Peashooter (100 suns): the ability to attack with beans, great defense.
  • Wall-nut (50 suns): defensive ability, works like a stone. Has high stamina like a shield.
  • Potato Mine (25 suns): the ability to explode like a boom. But it takes time to activate.

More plants are waiting for you to open. Accumulate a lot of sun to do that.

Zombie system

There are many types of zombies: wearing vests, zombies wearing crates, replacing rugby ghosts, ... many rich species with many other unexpected abilities.

There will be different waves of attacks. The final attack will appear simultaneously in large numbers and massively. Discovering this information is up to you. Try to finish them because they are cool.


Use your mouse to create a mighty army of plants