Pocket Tower

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About Pocket Tower

Pocket Tower is a game to build full of skyscrapers. Once completed, you will come to the business of commercial areas, shopping, beauty, etc...

You should understand that the commercial business in Pocket Tower is the money investment activity in commercial activities for profitability and upgrade the next floors. Many business methods will be opened to attract a large number of residents to your building.

Improve business knowledge in the game

To make a career promotion faster. Learn, perceive, and get a positive value for your building to grow faster. Gathering a lot of gold money to invest in combining aggressive advertising strategies to expand the market in many different fields.

In Pocket Tower you are provided with a mini building with 3 floors. Planning to master the situation of the tower, and taking care of customers thoughtfully and quickly will contribute to promoting the business process.

Confidence is the success factor you should have. You will feel many ambitions through the game!


Use the mouse to manipulate comprehensively.