Polar Fishing

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Polar Fishing is a game where you will have the opportunity to build a towering structure made entirely of frozen fish. Collect as many fish as possible.

Build the Ice Tower and Overcome Challenges

Your first mission is to skillfully construct a towering ice structure by stacking the frozen fish on top of one another. Exercise precision as you drop each piece of ice, ensuring a stable and balanced tower. However, be cautious, as a single misstep could lead to disaster. If you accidentally drop an iceberg from the tower, the game will come to an abrupt end. Prepare yourself for increasingly demanding levels, as the speed of the game accelerates and the size of the ice pieces diminishes. To add an extra layer of challenge, watch out for the mischievous birds armed with bombs, eager to destroy your carefully constructed ice tower.

Demolish the Tower and Reap the Rewards

In a unique twist, your second mission requires you to dismantle the very tower you built. But fear not, as this deconstruction serves a greater purpose, catching fish! As you demolish the tower, each fish you capture will be sold immediately, earning you valuable cash. Utilize your earnings to acquire useful items such as Dexter's Dexterity, a sharp saw, or even a trusty vacuum cleaner. Reaching greater heights in the tower unlocks access to new and more valuable fish species, providing exciting opportunities for increased profits and achievements.