Poor Bunny

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Exploring Game Modes in Poor Bunny

Poor Bunny is an entertaining game where you are in charge of an adorable, bunny. Collect as many carrots as possible and avoid dangerous obstacles.

1 Player Mode

In this solo mode, you'll control the little bunny in a quest to gather as many succulent carrots as you can find. Leap onto platforms to reach them, but be ever-vigilant for treacherous obstacles that can spell doom for your furry friend. Beware of the unexpected arrow drops and the relentless barrage of cannons. Swiftly sidestep these hazards. You'll also need to bravely confront the whirling cog gears lurking on the ground, a collision with them spells certain misfortune. Your objective here is simple: amass as many carrots as your bunny can muster.

2 Player Co-op Mode

Much like the first mode, your primary goal remains carrot collection and obstacle avoidance. However, in this mode, you have the delightful company of another player. Together, you'll collaborate to harvest a bountiful carrot crop. This cooperative effort results in a greater haul of coins, but the additional characters also mean you'll be maneuvering in tighter quarters. Negotiating obstacles becomes a tad more challenging, yet the promise of numerous gold coins awaits those who perform admirably. Furthermore, your bond with your co-player is sure to strengthen as you navigate this shared adventure.

2 Player Competition Mode

In this exhilarating mode, you team up with another player, but with a twist - it's a competition. Both of you will engage in a carrot-gathering contest, aiming to outdo each other. As the game unfolds, strive to amass more carrots than your rival. Engage in fair competition as you vie for the title of carrot king or queen. Don't let any chance to munch on carrots slip through your fingers. Victory belongs to the one with the most carrots. The game modes in Poor Bunny offer versatile gameplay experiences, catering to a range of preferences. You can freely select your preferred mode without any prerequisites.


Player 1:

  • W: Jump
  • A: Move backward
  • D: Move forward

Player 2:

  • Up Arrow Key: Jump
  • Left Arrow Key: Move backward
  • Right Arrow Key: Move forward

Pro Tips

To increase your carrot count, maintain agile movement. Utilize platforms strategically to evade obstacles, enhancing your carrot collection and dodging proficiency. These platforms not only aid your carrot consumption but also serve as excellent shields against bombs and arrows.

Furthermore, amassing a substantial carrot stash allows you to exchange them for extra lives. The more lives you possess, the longer you'll persist in the game. Consequently, even when colliding with various obstacles, your bunny will remain resilient. Lastly, unlock additional bunny characters to infuse the game with added excitement and variety.