Popcorn Master

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About Popcorn Master

Popcorn Master is a fun popcorn-making game. You ate a lot of popcorn, didn't you? So have you tried making them yet? Let's make popcorn now!

The fragrance every time you pass by the popcorn stalls is always very seductive. Make you at any cost have to buy them to eat. What is the process of making popcorn? Is it too complicated? The game is suitable for all ages. Not only adults but any age can play Popcorn Master. Sounds too easy, right?

Game Rules

Popcorn in Popcorn Master

You will be a pretty popcorn (guy) girl. There is a cup on each level and a popcorn drop hole. Click the mouse to drop the popcorn into the glass. There is a level with a white line on the cup. Be careful not to pop popcorn out of the cup. You will have three popcorn lives on the left-hand side of the screen. Each life corresponds to a popcorn kernel. If you lose all three lives you will not be able to pass this level.

Popcorn Master Item

There will be golden keys on each rim. Collect lots to open precious treasure chests. Many gifts are waiting for you. Sometimes there will be many chests containing valuable gold coins. Use them to buy new skins for your popcorn. Step to higher levels you will upgrade more. At this point we will explode slices of lemon, strawberry, ... more beautiful.

It's strange and new that we can explode many other things from the popcorn machine. Only when playing Popcorn Master can you discover this. We always share with you the hottest games right now. Put your trust in our game page.


  • Free to play and no download required
  • Easy to play on any PC platform or other mobile devices
  • Creative entertainment game


Use your mouse to explode popcorn