Push Push Cat

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About Push-Push Cat

The sliding conundrum known as Push-Push Cat is a timeless favorite that can be played by and enjoyed by anyone.

You can take selfies with the adorable stray cats that you rescue, personalise them, and choose from a variety of themes.

You can commiserate with and receive healing from a wide variety of famous cats from all over the globe. Come pet them now if you think they are more affectionate than their bellies can handle!

How to Play

  • Depending on the orientation in which they are positioned, blocks can only be moved in one of two directions: either up or down, or left or right.
  • Make some room by shoving the stray cat to safety, and then clear the stage!
  • Participate in cat rescue efforts and develop relationships through adoptions.
  • If you move fewer pieces, you will become familiar with the cat more quickly.
  • You can use coins to purchase costumes for your cat, and then decorate it!
  • The closer your relationship is, the more likely it is that you will carry gifts with you when you go out.
  • What do you do when you come across a challenging puzzle? You will find that there are Suggestions here.
  • Each and every three hours! More rewards can be earned by completing daily challenges.
  • The travel theme pack includes not only generic cats but also cats that are specific to each location! Great!


  • You can play Push Push Cat anywhere and at any moment!
  • It is free to enjoy, and it is appropriate for people of all ages.
  • There are no fines or time restrictions, so you can play Push Push Cat at whatever speed you like!
  • Publish your achievements on the global rankings, including any milestones you have broken.


  • The mobile app Push Push Cat is compatible with laptops and mobile phones.
  • Playing Push Push Cat is completely free, but some in-game goods can be purchased for real money.