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About Repuls.io

Repuls.io is a shooting game. The characters in the game are all equipped with a cool armor set. Looks like a superhero. Raise your will and fight hard!

To try to convey to you games with similar characters adapted from the best movies. Beautiful graphics will always be our top priority. Therefore, we cannot ignore Repuls.io. A shooting game with perfect equipment, fashion, and characters will be shared right on our page.

Battle Rules in Repuls.io

Join the fight

After the process of finding the right match is done. We can get into the game. In the game, we will have a blue team and a red team. Please determine the exact color of yourself and the enemy. Airplanes and cars can also become your targets. Find hidden corners that benefit the character and take advantage of them. Try to fight and support your team.

Upgrade in the game

Lots of advanced guns: pistols, rifles, AKs, shotguns,... You can have them after upgrading. The guns will give different features: firepower, faster speed, and more power. To own them, you can watch ads many times to get a lot of money to upgrade your items or characters. A few other features like Vehicles, which are in the process of being upgraded by the game maker, will be available soon. You can wait!

Community in the game

You can get more friends from the Friend feature in the game. You can create an account and log in to use this feature. It will help you get acquainted and make new friends in many different countries.


  • Use the AWSD buttons on the keyboard to move the character
  • Shoot the gun with the left mouse
  • Use the rifle's range with the right mouse button
  • Attack with a weapon press the key Q
  • Change weapon press the key 1
  • Throw grenade press the key2
  • The game reload press the key R
  • Jump with the space button