Retro Bowl

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Some facts about Retro Bowl

If you want to prevail in a ferocious rugby match, you can take part in Retro Bowl. Let's manage your team to score many points and defeat the opposing team.

A rugby match is modeled in this game. You must pitch the ball back to your teammates in order to receive it without passing ahead. Teams are allowed to pitch the ball back and forth a large number of times which is not limited. In a rugby match, every player on the field will run with the ball and make more than 20 tackles. If you were an offensive lineman that never carried the ball and made tackles, this game would be for you! Everyone will be a running back and linebacker. When a dead-ball scrum forms, the team will assume its predetermined positions. However, when mayhem ensues, everyone will sprint and tackle while carrying the ball. The game will help you to express stress and you can also play Curve Ball 3D, Sonic exe, and Dash Rocket.

How to control

Click the left mouse, then drag and aim a throw.

A, W, S, D to dodge and dive.

Click on the blue circle under the player to move up and down.