Running Ninja

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About Running Ninja

Now, we are going to continue this marathon with a game that is called Running Ninja, which obviously comes from the Ninja Games genre, and of course, you will have a ninja at the center of attention as the main character in this exciting game.

Rules of the game

When you start, you can't come back, your only path is to move forward and never stop.

You can only jump and stand on the ground and overcome obstacles, collect stars, rings and buy new characters

You will die if you crash into TNT bomb, fall into the water or can also stab into the rock. It is possible for us to state right off the bat that this is in addition a game of ability, and that it will in no way be simple. The ninja will be running, and it will be your job to ensure that he is able to avoid getting hurt while he navigates his way over a variety of hazards, including spikes and obstacles. Don't be discouraged when you lose many times. Failure will make you stronger. Good luck!


  • PC: Mouse
  • Mobiles: Touch Control