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About SchoolBreak.io

SchoolBreak.io is a school-breaking game for young people who have this passion. Record your unforgettable impressions in the school environment.

The role of a student

As a student, your mission is to create chaos by playing pranks throughout the school grounds. Compete against other players who have taken on the same role, aiming to outdo each other in causing mayhem. From playing basketball in the classroom to cycling down the hallways or even spilling water on the floor, every mischievous act earns you valuable chaos points. Keep an eye on the chaos bar and strive to reach 100% chaos without getting caught by the ever-watchful teachers. Victory awaits those who can stir up the most mischief!

The role of a Teacher

Alternatively, assume the responsibility of a teacher tasked with maintaining order and disciplining the unruly students. Roam the school premises, swiftly apprehend pranksters, and contact their parents to report their misdeeds. It's up to you to administer suitable penalties and ensure that the troublemakers learn their lesson. The more students you manage to discipline, the higher your rank and the greater your rewards.

Unlock Exciting Rewards and Customization Options

Explore the enticing shop, you can purchase a variety of cool skins, battle passes, set chests, and zoo chests. The set chest and zoo chest offer a chance to obtain three random skins, while the battle pass unlocks a total of 17 rewards as you progress. Join the seasonal events within the game to claim your coveted battle pass and unlock even more thrilling content.