Snail Bob 5: Love Story

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About Snail Bob 5: Love Story

Snail Bob 5: Love Story is a game about the adventures of a snail guy. Please help our snail guy quickly reach the finish line to meet his lover.

On a beautiful day, when he happened to be walking on the street, the handsome snail guy came across a poster of a beautiful snail singer. Being hit by love lightning! Immediately, our snail guy set out to go to her side right away. But without your help. Maybe he won't be able to finish. Try your best!

The playing rules of Snail Bob 5: Love Story

Snail Guide

The snail guy only knows money going forward and can't do anything else. So he doesn't know how to avoid the scary pitfalls that await him in the wild. You will be the one to destroy all traps before the snails reach their feet. Snails have always been slow. In the game, there will also be 2 support modes: turning and hastened. There are dangerous roads that will come close. Timely use of acceleration mode will be extremely beneficial.

Another mission

On each level, there will be stars lurking in any corner where you may not see them. You'll probably see them right away. Maybe they will hide behind yellow butterflies, logs, hunters, rocks... Collect enough stars. Every 4 screens with 3 stars you will be opened to an attractive minigame. These are mini games. Extremely simple. After each minigame you will probably get a decent bonus.

Love is great. A weak snail can still defy everything to get to his love. Hope the goddess of love will help this couple's love. Same to you!


Control the mouse to complete the snail adventure