Star Wars Rebels:Special Ops

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About Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops

Star Wars Rebels:Special Ops is a game about star wars adapted from an animated movie. Fight with multiple allies against threats everywhere.

A place where life no longer exists. Only the last warriors remained. Their lives are in jeopardy and under constant attack. The journey to escape from the forest planet is extremely difficult. You can be a very talented player. Are your fighting skills good? Let's train with the army now.

Explore the game

Preparation phase

The first screen is the familiarity game. Choose a character you like. Follow the instructions to practice more flexible skills and movements. Can play 2 characters on a game screen. But these 2 characters will not be able to play at the same time. Character two can only appear when character one has been arrested.

Character's unique skills

You can experience all the characters to see all their amazing skills. Each character has many unique fighting skills:

  • Hera: the green girl with the ability to shoot 3 bullets and jump high
  • Ezra: a handsome short-haired guy with a green sword
  • Sabine: beautiful modern warrior girl. She has many combat aids. Specifically, like hovering with a flying device on your back, Shooting bullets at high speed
  • Kanan: a masked guy with a blue sword
  • Zeb: hybrid. This guy uses a gun as a weapon
  • Chopper: an intelligent robot. Move fast. Shoots powerful bullets

All characters have a special skill hidden. They can be used when the power level is full. This skill can destroy multiple opponents at the same time. Take advantage of the right time to achieve the highest efficiency.


  • Beautiful pictures
  • Shooting skills and other skills are extremely vivid
  • The space of levels is real and attractive


  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to fly up
  • X key to using special skills