Supermarket Dash

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About Supermarket Dash

Supermarket Dash is a game where you play as a dedicated supermarket employee. Try to get more customers to visit your bustling supermarket. Your role is to assist these customers by helping them find the items they need, organizing food items, handling cash transactions, and more. While the work may be challenging, it promises an abundance of fun and excitement.

Various Tasks in Supermarket Dash

As a valuable member of the supermarket team, you'll have a wide range of tasks to complete. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the responsibilities you'll undertake in this thrilling game.

Assist customers in selecting items

With countless products to choose from, customers often require guidance. Your job is to listen to their descriptions and help them locate the items they're looking for. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, prioritize selecting fresh and clean produce in Supermarket Dash.

Handle customer transactions

Equipped with barcode scanners, you'll scan items to determine their prices. The total cost will be displayed on the screen, and it's your responsibility to collect payment from the customers.

Organize and bag food items

Each type of food must be properly sorted and placed in its respective bag. Different bags will be labeled with specific food categories, ensuring that no item is overlooked. Attention to detail is crucial in Supermarket Dash to ensure an organized and efficient process.