Sushi Grab

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The Gameplay Rules of Sushi Grab

Sushi Grab is a game that challenges your reflex skills. You will manage a sushi restaurant and handle sushi orders placed by your eager customers. You're the proud owner of a bustling sushi eatery that attracts a constant stream of customers. These hungry patrons come with unique sushi cravings, and your task is to operate a crane to snatch the precise sushi varieties they've requested. It's essential to keep in mind that your customers have limited patience, and they can't afford to wait too long. You must act with lightning speed to collect three types of sushi per order, ensuring their satisfaction and racking up a generous pile of coins. The more customers you efficiently serve, the greater your coin rewards.

Controls: To seize the sushi, simply click the left mouse button.

Enhancing Your Stats

Should you aspire to boost your speed and increase your earnings, it's imperative to invest your hard-earned coins in stat upgrades. Specifically, you can enhance your crane's speed and bolster your earnings. Moreover, if you wish to extend your customers' patience duration, you can upgrade the clock, complete orders swiftly, and keep the happy cat content.