Taco Cat

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About Taco Cat

Taco Cat is a game that sells Taco cakes on mobile cars. Taco recipes are not complicated. You can also make them perfectly. Drive the Taco to the match.

After a back-and-forth conversation on a smartphone. Jamie's best friend decides to drive his Taco food truck and help Jamine watch the final game of Croakland. This assistance was timely as Jamine was packing his bags again and leaving for California.

The rules of the Taco Cat game

Get to know vending cart: the Taco

Before using the car to bring Jamine to the match, our friend had a very clear explanation. This is not a car, it is a mobile Taco cart. So our friend in the meantime will sell tacos so as not to waste this time. But we can only wait a while and can't wait too long. So take advantage to sell Tacos.

The process of selling cakes

Empty tacos will be prepared in advance. Then, we will, in turn, put the food ingredients, meat, fish, and vegetables, .. into the cake according to the customer's request. Our customers are also very familiar with animals such as frogs, sheep, and guinea pigs,...Let's finish the cakes. To have lots of money!


  • Use the ASDFG and Space keys to sell cakes
  • Arrow keys to control Taco