The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek

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In The Legendary Trials - Craig of the Creek, you will play as three young children Craig, Kelsey, and JP, and embark on an exciting and challenging journey.

Explore twelve hidden treasures with Craig

Character boy Craig

Craig is a brave and intelligent ten-year-old boy who, with his friends Kelsey and JP, embarks on an adventure to a wilderness called The Creek. Despite his young age, Craig possesses remarkable courage and leadership skills, guiding his friends through their journey.

Collect power sources

Thoroughly explore the map and you will find useful power-ups that will aid you in your quest. You can only hold one power-up at a time, so choose wisely before continuing your challenge.


Use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to guide your character. Explore the area and interact with objects by pressing the Space bar when you are near them. Join the conversation with the people you meet by holding the Space bar while standing next to them. During the Kelsey trial period, you can also aim your target by Left Clicking.

The mission of the three main characters

Look out for illuminated objects along the way. By pointing the staff at them, Craig can discover a wealth of useful items that will aid them in their quest. However, not everyone they meet is willing to join the conversation. The forest dwellers can be quite wary, but gathering information from them about the road ahead is essential.

There are three unique trials, each consisting of ten levels. Craig will be faced with a puzzle-style game in which he must rearrange sewer pieces to succeed. JP's challenge involves a colorful paintball game where he must deftly dodge balloons aimed at him. For Kelsey's test, you'll need to help her hit her target with darts while avoiding damaging other objects.