Thief Puzzle Online

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About Thief Puzzle Online

Thief Puzzle Online is a puzzle game. Help a stickman thief steal the key of the policeman. Note that his hand can be lengthened to get the key.

Any criminal wants to regain his freedom. But only the ones committed with a history of theft, only they can escape with their familiar stealing ability Help the thief in Thief Puzzle Online so that he can successfully escape the policeman who is always guarding here.

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Escape method

The special feature of this Stickman thief is that he has extremely long arms. Take control of these two screens, and by all means, steal the key that is being guarded. The number of police officers will probably increase as soon as you enter level 2. Be careful and don't be lazy. Even the policemen were sleeping soundly, his vigilance was also very sharp. As soon as the thief's hand touches the person, it will immediately get up and catch the thief right away. The escape will be over immediately.

In this detention area exist not only police guards but also trained animals like service dogs. They will also always be on high alert for thieves.

Tips to pass the game

Sometimes you have to be flexible. Take advantage of the small screws in the level to wrap the thief's arms in the direction you want and adjust the hand to the direction of the item to be retrieved. The item that the thief tries to get to pass the level will be displayed in the mind of the thief. Most will be the golden key to get out, but sometimes there will be other things like scrolls, dog bones, ... Besides traps are waiting for you to solve them.


Use the mouse to control the stickman's hand to the item