Tomb of the Mask

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Tomb of the Mask is a puzzle maze game. You will become an explorer and explore every nook and cranny. Along the way try to collect as many coins.

Guide Your Mysterious Character to Freedom

To break free from the maze tomb, keep a few key points in mind. Use the arrow keys to control the movements of your enigmatic character. As you explore each maze, collect stars and coins scattered throughout the passages. Your ultimate goal is to reach the exit door of the labyrinth. Beware of the fences and traps lurking within a collision with these perilous obstacles will force you to restart your escape journey from that level.

Unraveling the Secrets of Tomb of the Mask

Who Created the Game?

Tomb of the Mask was masterfully crafted by Happymagenta UAB, a globally renowned game developer. Introduced in 2016, this puzzle and platform game has captivated thousands of players with its entertaining, yet challenging gameplay.

How Many Levels Are There?

Prepare for an epic quest as the game offers a staggering 550 levels, each presenting a unique maze to conquer. Your escape from this mysterious labyrinth spans this extensive collection of puzzles.

Is Tomb of the Mask Safe?

Rest assured, Tomb of the Mask is entirely safe to play. In fact, it comes highly recommended by parents, who encourage their children to indulge in this engaging game during their leisure time. Studies indicate that Tomb of the Mask enhances logic and observation abilities, making it both enjoyable and beneficial for players of all ages.