Tomb Runner

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About Tomb Runner

Tomb Runner is a great and cool adventure and action game that lets you explore those awesome lands where the mystical tomb is hidden. While exploring this hanging jungle, you must avoid trees, bushes, different huge grass, and other natural obstacles that may prevent you from reaching your goal. Run because you must stay united!

The tomb's world explorer is a runner, so use the arrow keys to jump over obstacles, dodge them by getting in the right side, while the hanged stone route splits into more pieces, and slide down to avoid obstacles or collect coins or gems! Avoid making a mistake or you'll fall forever and perish.

Good luck and strive to become the best tom runner by accumulating a massive score by adding up the meters you ran until you crashed and the gems or money you gathered!

How to play

Tomb Runner 2 is controlled by touching your phone or tablet. If playing on desktop, utilize keyboard and mouse.This game doesn't need installation. Play immediately on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Pick one of the recommended games from gamers that played this game and have fun!


  • Endless track with infinite running options
  • Fast-paced action.
  • Coins unlock six characters.
  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Simple controls for split-second motions.

Release Date

February 2016


Tomb Runner is made by Gemioli.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Right Arrow to go right.
  • Left Arrow to go left.
  • Up Arrow to jump.
  • Down Arrow to slide.