Top Outpost

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About Top Outpost

In Top Outpost, scary figures like zombies will be adapted into aggressive monsters. The scare seems to be rising if you cannot get out of the zombies.

Due to the unconsciousness of many people across the earth, the level of environmental pollution is increasing to an alarming level! As a result, an unknown virus appeared, invading the host body as residents on Earth. Turn them into aggressive ghosts, deformed attacks on ordinary people. A few people who tried to survive had to wander on radioactive lands to seek supply and weapons.

Humanity has reached the verge of death. And when all the hope was rescued almost absorbed, a brave hero decided to fight the body of the body! You will have to help the protagonist to hold the traits aggressively!

When everything has been to the verge that cannot be saved, you may be the only survivor, the only one who can protect yourself from the coming zombies. Your goal is to survive as long as possible, to do this, you must destroy as much zombie as possible and upgrade your weapons to be more effective.

Watch out, surviving every day will be more and more difficult!


  • Move the mouse to determine the target
  • Left click to shoot zoombie