Torture the Trollface

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Relax with Torture the Trollface

Torture the Trollface is an entertaining game that helps you satisfy your anger. Use different weapons to punish the doll to your satisfaction. This humorous torture game is perhaps a bit cruel. You will cause the unfortunate doll to suffer unimaginable suffering. Start by attacking him with your bare hands and when you have a lot of coins, unlock new tools like shotguns, knives, or even water to suffocate him.

Take out your anger on the doll

There's a troll right in front of you, and your first weapon is your fist. Beat him up, knock out his teeth, give him bruises and scrapes, and collect the coins that rain down. You'll need them to purchase special tools for torture: knives, shotguns, machine guns, bombs, spikes, all sorts of traps,... Once you accumulate 200 coins, you can upgrade to a knife, which yields more coins per strike. As you collect more coins, you unlock new weapons and continue to escalate the torture. Choose your favorite weapons and keep clicking on Trollface until he dies. Then start again and let the fun continue.