Train Snake

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In the game Train Snake, you need to drive a train to carry passengers in need. Drive hard and earn lots of money to unlock more new and unique car models.

Combination of classics

The classic combination of the beloved Snake game has brought great experiences to players. The game's controls are extremely simple, you just need to touch and hold or click and hold to make the ship move. You need to collect passengers on the way and transport them to their destination safely. Each passenger you pick up adds to your length, making your train bigger and more impressive. On the way there will be a lot of obstacles and challenges that hinder your way, try to avoid them. The loops of these obstacles will be repeated many times, so you need to carefully observe the angle to control the car through a reasonable way.

Accumulate more coins to increase income value

You will accumulate valuable coins. These coins act as tickets to help you enhance your train's style, unlock new carriages, and get superior trains. If you want more coins, there is an option to earn them by watching short video clips. Can you master the art of this pixel locomotive and become the ultimate train driver?