Treehouses Maker

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About Treehouses Maker

Treehouses Maker is a game of matching colors. The colors will become attractive in this game. Because they are structured in the shape of cute trees.

For children, bright colors always attract their attention. We tested this game through and the results were amazing. We've shared quite a few games of this genre before, but this one is a little different. Play with us to discover this difference!

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Distinguishing colors in the game

You should distinguish the colors correctly. Each tree will be superimposed on 3 layers of different colors. You will classify these colors. Always arrange them into 3 blocks of the same color. When you complete each level, you also complete a part of your garden such as a wooden house, sacred temple gate, and garden with flower trees. small and pretty, kawaii style well,.....

The higher the level, the more trees will increase, and the more colorful tree floors will be covered. Please calculate correctly to get the same colors and to smoothly pass the level.

The garden in the game

The architecture in the game is designed with extremely delicate graphics. Try to pass the game screen to be able to completely build your garden. You can enjoy seeing your results. And maybe you become the one who has the ability to beat the world 5% of players. We are sure you can do it.

The game is suitable for all ages. Especially young children are developing their thinking and understanding of colors. Playable on any platform and whenever you like! Let's have fun, understand, and discover new funny images!


Use your mouse to arrange blocks of the same color together. And manipulate during the game.