Two Cups

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About Two Cups

Two Cups is a love game of 2 small cups. The female cup was broken by the cat demon. Let's help the male cup collect the pieces of this female cup!

A sad love story. When love is broken, it will be irreparable. Only the last glimmer of hope remains that at any cost we must revive their love. The male cup, despite going through many difficult traps, is still determined to find his true love! We should support him!

How to play games

Method of finding debris

You should learn to control the movement of the men's cup flexibly. The time will be increased when you start participating from round one. When the evil cat smashed the cup. Debris flew far away. Even the male cup cannot know where to begin the search journey. But don't worry, there's a guide map in the top right corner of the screen. Each pink dot on the map represents a fragment of the pink cup. Any object that is missing a piece is incomplete. Because of that, you should fully collect all the fragments and do not miss them.

On the way to adventure, there will be countless traps waiting for you: thorns, abyss,... At each level, you will have 3 hearts. If 3 hearts are lost then you will fail this level. There will be a portal that will open when you have found all the fragments.

The road ahead will get harder and harder. When the two cups are completed and meet again, there will be endless joy between this pair of cups. The power of love will win. Don't let the cat dominate. So don't miss it! The female cup waiting for you!! Hurry up!


  • Move the male cup with the ASWD keys or the arrow keys.
  • Can use the space button to jump.