Venge io

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About Venge io

Venge io is a first-person shooter game that you can play online. Battle with other mighty gunners and capture different green zones in the arena. There are four standard maps and game modes, and you can make your own maps and game types to play. You can play with four different heroes and seven different tools. You can buy skins for your heroes and camo for your guns in the shop. Share the link on the lobby screen to invite your friends to this great game.


Start with Lilium or Shin and choose from four base weapons. Current arsenal

  • Scar—suits mid/long-range fighting
  • Shotgun—powerful close-range weapon
  • Long-range sniper
  • Short/medium-range rapid-fire SMG Tec-9

Choose your most lethal weapon and dominate the community leaderboard.


  • FPS games that move quickly
  • Close-quarters maps
  • Skins, cards, and emotes that you can earn
  • Clean 3D images make it easy to play games.

Release Date

June 2020


By Cem Demir (TheLlamaMomma).


Web browser (desktop and mobile).


WASD - Move
Space Bar - Jump
Scroll Wheel - Switch Between Weapons
B - Buy
H - Dance
Enter - Chat
Escape - Leaderboards
Hold B - Turn Cards
R - Reload
E - Melee attack
F - Throw Grenade
LMB - Shoot
RMB or Shift - Aim Down Sight