Watermelon Run 3D

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About Watermelon Run 3D

In Watermelon Run 3D, you will control your watermelon to overcome challenges along the way. Avoid obstacles and collect lots of watermelons and gold coins.

This game belongs to the fun platformer genre that gives players many attractive emotions when playing. There are many levels in this game, each level will be upgraded to be richer and more diverse. Try to be sharp to avoid the obstacles ahead. Note the way you need to pay attention to the fruits that need to be collected for the right color to avoid being deducted from all the fruits you have collected. Avoid spikes or other obstacles in your way to preserve the amount of fruit you have collected in the previous period.


Use the mouse to move left or right to control the watermelon guy easily.

How to play Watermelon Run 3D

Teaming up with an extraordinary creature that has the ability to morph into different types of fruit, you'll navigate through a series of thrilling obstacle courses. As you run through the courses, the creature will need to collect the right types of fruit to bulk up and gain strength. This will be crucial for creating bridges to cross gaps, avoiding dangerous spikes, and grabbing valuable coins along the way. The more fruit you gather, the stronger and more resilient the creature becomes.