Words Detective: Bank Heist

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About Words Detective: Bank Heist

Words Detective: Bank Heist challenges you to solve a series of puzzling cases in order to bring the robbery of the century to light. Keep up with the plot, give it your best guess at the words, and discover where it takes you! Your incredible vocabulary and deductive reasoning skills are the only things that can save the city. If you still have your badge, then there is no reason for us to delay.

This game's word puzzles tell the city's top detective's narrative! Follow chapters, fill tiles, and solve mysteries! Our city's innocent depend on you! Can you use your vocabulary to find the culprits and recover the money? It's easy! Read comics and guess the following word. Search the photos for significant elements or actions. See if you can spell the term. If not, utilize the suggestion button for assistance and let your imagination take over. Blue letters belong to different positions. Green implies you can finish the letter. Be the city's hero by revealing this epic story's missing chapters!


  • A breathtaking crime story
  • Good graphics and well-drawn chapters
  • Available hints
  • Improving vocabulary

Release Date

February 27, 2023


Web browser


Gameloft SE created Detective Bank Heist.


Left-click the letter.