Worms Zone

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Dive into the Action-Packed World of Worm Warfare

In the Worms Zone, you will eat worms smaller than yourself to become the strongest. Move forward and use survival skills to survive in this game.

Your objective in Worms Zone

Gather sustenance to grow stronger and outmaneuver rival players. This game boasts multiplayer gameplay, adding an extra layer of challenge for online competitors.

Dive into Endless Matches

You transform into a worm with free movement across the map. Seize the opportunity to amass food and coins. Food bolsters your worm's length and heft, while coins pose an intriguing challenge. Coins exclusively appear when you vanquish fellow players. For each worm defeated, you gain one coin. To claim it, you must swiftly reach the head of the fallen worm and consume it before others swoop in. Peril lurks around every corner.

Concealed Hazards

Colossal food platters serve as insurmountable obstacles. These oversized edibles cannot be devoured, you must deftly evade them to avoid your character's demise. The second threat materializes in the form of other players. Colliding with them spells doom for your worm, so exercise caution in your maneuvers to stay alive and thrive in this intense world of worm warfare.