Zombie Mission 3

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About Zombie Mission 3

Zombie Mission 3 is a team-based shooter. The task is to find the data disks. They contain a lot of important information. Let's collect them all!

In a city full of zombies, there will be people who have not been transformed. Save them and help them. Zombie Mission 3 is in the 2 player genre. You will probably win if you have teammates to support you. The fun will be multiplied if we play together. Trusting and helping each other is the strength of team players.

How to play games?

Your mission in the game

The world is falling into a crisis. More and more zombies. They have harmed many innocent people. The last few survivors are hiding in a place where the cruel zombies cannot reach. Their lives are at stake. You are their last hope.

Besides, the collection of data disks is also an important task. At each level, there will be a limit on the number of discs you have to collect. If you don't collect enough the portal won't open and you won't be able to go to the next level.

Some tips in the game

Some levels will have golden safes. They contain a lot of data disks inside. Jump continuously under these safes to get more discs.

There will be support items such as bullets and health potions. Let's collect them. They will help you a lot

The zombies will die when you shoot multiple bullets at them. The zombies will explode when they are shot dead. Therefore, keep your distance when destroying them.


Player 1

-Move with arrow keys
-Double-click the up arrow key to jump to a higher
-Press L to shoot at crates or zombies

Player 2

-Move with the keys ASWD
-Double-click the W key to jump to a higher
-Press F to shoot at crates or zombies