12 Minibattles

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Some things about 12 Minibattles

12 Minibattles gives you several interesting minigames, where you can compete with one another. Click your favorite minigame to play and beat your rival.

Welcome to this game to experience a lot of minigames. Some minigames you can try are Ax Battle, Football, Duels, Soccer Physics, Golf, Wrestling, Mace Battle, etc. You can join them freely without meeting any requirements. Each minigame has different gameplay and rules. You can play all to find out the most suitable game. The game requests you beat your rival to become the winner. Try your best to get knock your opponent down. Good luck!

It is seen as a unique combination and suitable for everyone. Besides, other games on our web are also available for you. Why do not we join Sonic exe, Happy Superman, and Red Ball 2?

How to play

Player 1: Use the A key.

Player 2: Use the L key.