Red Ball 2

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Some facts about Red Ball 2

Enter Red Ball 2 to follow a ball on a perilous adventure in the jungle. To leave the forest, you must control the character skillfully and cleverly.

The playing field is more accessible than ever. You will have the chance to discover the magnificent forest. So, you will feel more at ease when you are in tune with nature. However, there are also a lot of spooky traps in the forest. They might potentially put your life in danger. It must be safely crossed. To save yourself, you must leap over the dangerous creatures. In another way, you can jump on their head if you wish to destroy them. Once you use this method, they are gone forever. You need to figure out a means to get past the big trees obstructing the path. Pay attention to the environment, the trees, and the items in it. They might have tools that will ensure your safety as you explore the forest. Besides, you can play other games such as Sonic exe, Traffic Command, and Head2Head Racing.

How to control: WASD to play.

Some tips to reach the finish line in Red Ball 2

  • Use the tree trunks to overcome some obstacles. You may become higher, then you can jump over easily.
  • Utilize the hearts effectively to complete the level. You just have three hearts which means you have three lives.
  • Observe around closely to come up with an excellent strategy.