Traffic Command

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Some information about Traffic Command

Traffic Command is one of the most amusing games, where you can control the traffic. You can turn on the traffic lights to allow or not allow the car to run.

Your mission in this game is to handle the traffic by turning on or turning off the traffic lights. When you turn the red light, all cars mustn't go. The cars can run after you turn on the green light. You must ensure that the cars which cross the crossroads will not crash into each other. Therefore, you must turn off and turn on at the right time so as not to make the streets become chaotic.

The gameplay is very simple to understand. As a result, everyone can take part in the game. In addition, some fun games are also available for you. You can join Sonic exe, Slope UFO, and Funny Shooter 2.

How to control

Use the left mouse to click the traffic lights. Click on the red or green light to turn it on.