Slope UFO

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Some information about Slope UFO

Embark on a thrilling investigation of Slope UFO. To advance the farthest distance, keep the character under control and steer clear of barriers and meteors.

The game offers a thorough exploration of the galaxy. A UFO is a character you have to control. You must control the UFO throughout this never-ending journey in order to steer clear of the space meteorites. They will become more prevalent. To prevent the UFO from colliding with them, you must maintain intense concentration. You will lose if you cannot evade quickly enough. Consequently, your UFO will detonate. Additionally, you are unable to move freely due to the yellow walls on either side of you, which make your area smaller and contribute to your repeated failures. Moreover, unless the UFO is carefully steered, it is impossible to avoid numerous meteors at once. Let's devise a brilliant plan to avoid running into the yellow wall and meteors. Through turns, you can level up your skills quickly.

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How to control

Hold the left mouse button to fly.

Release the left mouse button to land.