Stick Hero

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The rules of Stick Hero

Stick Hero offers an attractive discovery with a hero. You must make the stick longer so that your hero can go over many piles and get the highest scores.

In this game, you must complete a crystal clear task. To conquer numerous obstacles, the hero character needs your backup. Each pile is separated by a distinct distance. They might be incredibly wide or incredibly narrow. So, getting beyond them is really challenging. Inattention will cause the character to lose their balance, and then the game will finish immediately. What's more, the size of each pile varies. If you want to overcome them, you will encounter more perils.

Holding the mouse will lengthen the stick, which will then fall to create a bridge for your character to traverse. The character will undoubtedly collapse before reaching the next pile if the stick is too short. You will also fall into the space between the stacks if you make the stick too long. Take caution when lengthening the stick. If you can move through lots of piles, you'll gain a good score. After that, you can play other amusing games on our web, like Tiny Fishing, Noughts And Crosses Christmas, and Sonic exe.

How to play

Use the left mouse to play.