Bad Ice Cream

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The principles of Bad Ice Cream

In Bad Ice Cream, you can join a spectacular ice war with lots of adorable creatures. You must gather many fruits and avoid being crushed by your rivals.

In this game, you can select the color of your preferred ice cream before the game begins. Now, let's try to finish the assignment. You will command your character to gather a lot of fruit from the playground. Additionally, you can select fruits like bananas or grapes that are present on the field. You must be aware of your competitors' threats in addition to scooping up fruit. They are trying to flatten you off the playground. So, do not allow them to succeed in their objectives. By building ice blocks that block or freeze your competitor's path, you must disrupt their travels. You can entirely remove those ice cubes if you are not using them any longer so that you can pick up fruits with ease.

You can create a perfect plan of action to defeat your enemies. Good luck! In addition, you also train your brain by participating in Super Bike The Champion, 12 Minibattles, and Sonic exe.

How to control

Player 1:

Use WASD to move.

Use the Spacebar to shoot/return.

Player 2:

Use the arrow keys to move.

Use F to shoot/ return.