Bomb Roll

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Some facts about Bomb Roll

Bomb Roll is the combination of running and attacking. You must eliminate all of the opponents by rolling the bomb to make it bigger and kicking to their side.

This game brings a lot of relaxing moments, which is similar to 12 Minibattles, Happy Superman, and Sonic exe. In the game, you can change into a stickman and roll the bomb on the track. There are a lot of competitors on the race course, and they stand in your path. To overcome them, you must destroy all. get close to them and lob bombs at them. The bomb becomes bigger when you hold and roll it. As a result, the bomb will have enormous destructive potential as it becomes larger. So let's throw it toward the horde of foes so that you can kill a lot of them. In addition, if there are not many stickmen, you can drop small bombs. You also keep in mind to exercise caution when moving to avoid losing or falling off the track. Finally, try to collect as many gold coins as possible so that you can buy some skins in the shop.

How to play

Use WASD to move.

Hole the Space bar to grow the bomb.

Release the Space bar to throw.