Cocktail Puzzle

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About Cocktail Puzzle

Cocktail Puzzle is a game of dissolving cocktails of the same color into different separate glasses. Let's distinguish these simple colors. Begin the game!

We will travel to the beautiful land of Hawaii. With long shady beaches and specially prepared colorful cocktails. You like to enjoy them when they are mixed between different colors or each type of water with only one of your favorite colors. Make the cocktails you want!

How to play the game?

The colors

Distinguishing colors is very important in the game. If you do not distinguish them, it will be a bit difficult to pass the levels. But don't you worry. We will always support you. Let's start to differentiate! Get acquainted with the first 2 orange and red colors in the 3 glasses. Once you have completed the level with these 2 colors you will start with the next level. The number of colors is still 2 but the colors will be changed. The number of water distributions will be more. This means that the number of color separations will also increase.

The higher the level, the more colors will be. Once you get used to the rules of the game you will be able to manipulate easily and analyze colors more sensitively. You will find that the higher levels will not be too much of a challenge for you.

If you are a color lover then Sort Hoop is also a good game that we would recommend to you.


  • Various colors make it fun to play
  • Cool beach backdrop
  • Easy to play and does not require too high IQ.
  • Suitable for young children to learn to recognize these colors and are prerequisite lessons for children's development steps in life.

Play games with your mouse or tap the screen directly when playing with other smart devices.