Sort Hoop

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About Sort Hoop

Sort Hoop is a game of arranging circles of the same color together. The game is a color recognition lesson for young children. Let's play with friends!

So many games that you don't know which one to play. Then listen to your heart. Come to the game we share with you today. We can assure you that it will be extremely pompous in the climax. It will be more stimulating if you play challenges with players around you.

Play Sort Hoop

The color levels in the game

We'll start with a simple green circle color. Move the inner rings of the same green color together and you will be able to pass round one. Next, the 2 colors will increase. At this time, the cute pink color of the girls will appear. That is, we will have 2 colors green and pink mixed. When you separate and arrange them in the correct position of each other, congratulations. You passed round 2 again. The game will continue. The color will be increased with more quantity. You were able to become more adept at these stages thanks to prior training. Continue to develop your abilities

Upgrade function from shop

The rings will be upgraded to many different forms. Each circle will give us a special delicate sense of shape and color. Passing the levels we will own some winnings that can be used to raise the rings here. Or with a faster method, as usual, you will all know. It's watching the ads to get some more money. Upgrading will become easier.

After each new round form upgrade, the upgrade amount will increase. Each new ring will be opened randomly. After finishing the game, go to other color games on our site:


Use your mouse to arrange the rings together