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Some exciting things about Doodlr.io

Doodlr.io is an exciting arcade game. After you draw a graphic to represent your keywords, others will guess, and then you will guess in the next turn.

In this game, you can practice drawing and word guessing. Along with many other players from around the world, you will join the game. You can also create a personal space that only your friends can access. When the turns are alternating, you can guess or draw for other people to guess. The keyword at the top of the board will be given to you if it is your turn to draw pictures. Draw illustrations that depict the term as precisely as you can so that other players can guess it. The bottom right corner of the screen is where you will find the drawing tools. Let's design pictures to explain them.

After your drawing turns, you guess their keywords through their pictures. As the time runs out, the keyword box will show you how many characters the keyword has, and the letters will progressively appear on the screen. You will move up the leaderboard if you anticipate the keyword with higher accuracy. In addition, you can also play other games, like Sonic exe, Four In A Row, and Murder.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.