Four In A Row

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Some fun facts about Four In A Row

Play Four In A Row with a variety of colored balls to practice your intelligence. The game requests you to drop your balls in a row of the same color.

To make a row of balls of the same color, you will drop the ball into the grid. You can make a row of balls of the same color in any direction as long as you can accomplish it before your opponent can, whether it is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You must devise a strong plan of attack to overcome the adversary, who could be a computer, a friend, or an online player. You can relax and train your brain thanks to the game. In addition, if you want to play other games that help you to practice your brain, you can join Bad Ice Cream, Sonic exe, and Noughts And Crosses Christmas.

How to control

Use the left mouse to control.

The game modes in the game

In this game, you can choose the mode before starting the game. Three types of game modes are Online player, Two player, and Play Vs Computer. Each game mode has different features. Depending on the number of people joining the game, you can select the most suitable mode to play.