Freefall Tournament

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Some facts about Freefall Tournament

Freefall Tournament brings a spectacular shooting match. In this game, while attempting to survive, you must eliminate as many opponents as you can.

In the game, you will become a ferocious warrior to battle endless foes aboard a spaceship. They possess a wide variety of exceptionally cutting-edge and contemporary weapons, making them incredibly lethal. They are also considering how to ruin you. Therefore, you must get rid of them before they can harm you in the same way. It is a highly competitive game that is similar to Sonic exe, 1v1 LOL, and Bad Ice Cream. You can join after completing all the missions.

The adversary must be eliminated with your weapons in this never-ending conflict. In addition, you can upgrade your guns to beat them. As a result, make an effort to create perfect and fast shot techniques. You gain more cash and gold coins if you defeat many rivals.

How to control

Use the left mouse to shoot.

Q to crouch.

E to kick.

F to throw the bomb.