Block the Pig

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About Block the Pig

Block the Pig is a game of chasing a pig. Your cute pink pig is trying to escape. It will find a way out. Block all exit errors and catch the little pig.

You have a very cute pink pig. You play with it every day. Then one fine day. The pig doesn't like to play with you anymore. The pig is about to run away. That's not good at all. It will take a long time, but what you need to do now is bring them back.

How to catch a pig?

Depends on your actions

Whether you pass all the levels or not depends on your judgment. It is similar to playing a game of chess and being able to predict your opponent's next move. So, use your quick brain to predict every path of the pig.

There will be a lot of dead ends blocked by bricks and open roads. The area the pig can hide is not too big. At each level, you will be placed 3 bricks before the pig moves. You will place more bricks when the pig starts to move. Until the pig stands in the brick circle you will win. Conversely, if the pig goes out into the yard you will lose and return to the original level. There will be relatively easy levels. Besides, some levels are not easy at all.

The cunning of the pig

Piglets are adorable animals. When looking at them, you won't be able to hold back your feelings of love. In particular, your pig has an interesting intelligence. Your pig can dodge all your bricks and try to run out. The game will bring you moments of relaxation during your rest days with family, friends, and loved ones. Enjoy the attractions that the game brings. We will share with you other even better games below:


Use the mouse to place tiles