Element Balls

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Some information about Element Balls

Welcome to Element Balls to test your ball-navigation abilities. Your ball must go through the blocks of the same color while avoiding hitting the others.

This game is highly addictive. You can join the game to experience it. To safely cross the finish line, you must maintain control of the ball on the racetrack. But you also come across a lot of vibrant blocks. To avoid hitting the blocks that are a different color from you, you must control the ball. If you miss your opportunity to dodge them and hit them, you will lose. The blocks are also scattered throughout and come in various hues. They make moving around difficult. You could lose your life if they jostle each other and cause their posture to change from where it was originally. To cross the finish line, you need to proceed with caution. And finally, if you lose control, you risk falling into the ocean. So, let's take caution while playing the game. Furthermore, like Bomb Roll, Sonic exe, and Traffic Command, this game is available on our web. You can join and play.

How to control

You can use the left mouse to play.